Welcome to the Flinders University Clubs & Societies Web Site

Flinders Uni Clubs are a great way to gain a social outlet from your degree and meet new friends.

From social clubs, sport clubs and adventure clubs there is a club for everyone at Flinders.

The best place to get current Information on what clubs are on campus is to go to the FlindersOne or FUSA websites.


The sites presently hosted here are:

Flinders University Underwater Club https://underwater.flindersclubs.asn.au

Flinders University Football Club http://football.flindersclubs.asn.au


If you’re a club at Flinders University and wish to have your very own yourclub.flindersclubs.asn.au domain or email address please contact the Flinders University Underwater Club.

Note: FUUC has moved to new server infrastructure. If you are the current site administrator of a club on flindersclubs.asn.au please let FUUC know your hosting intentions by February 2017 as the old infrastructure will be decommissioned at that time.